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Discrimination in ESL

misfit (110 posts) • 0

all the comment went off topic and i dont know why..the original point was: when it comes to teach english, china is the place where you have to pretend you are from uk,canada, usa, australia,new zealand and those lies bring major problems like bribery,cheating and so on. how can we not agree on that? how can we not agree that a teacher should be recruited according to his ability as educator and not by his passport? how can we deny that refusing a job to somebody who speaks better english than a native and has better teaching skills/ experience is discrimination?

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0

Although the OP makes some good points about discrimmination - the one FACT that is undeniable is the Law. The truth is that China has the right to raise the standards and seek the certified + qualified people it wants.

Fact - I have seen some great teachers who are not certified/qualified in the eyes of the law but they are wonderful educators.

On the contrary, I have seen some teachers that have all the certificates and are qualified in the eyes of the law but they are absolutely worthless - alcoholic - unprofessional - crimminal.

china is the place where you have to pretend you are from . . .

teacher should be recruited according to his ability . . .

Different jobs have different requirements - if a person does not meet those requirements then they must seek employment elsewhere. Ability does not become an issue until after one meets the basic requirements.

Here are the basic requirements -

misfit (110 posts) • 0

I remember watching an interesting video about a lady from a teacher board discussing the criteria to pass the IELTS test and being admitted to certain foreign universities.
As we all know they are pretty strict about listening, reading, speaking etc so finally she gave the example of some boy from a remote village somewhere that was able to design and build an illumination system by himself. Well, she said, that boy's level of english couldn't probably meet the requirements but you really wouldn't want him in your university?

misfit (110 posts) • 0

The problem is that being native is not a guarantee of being a qualified teacher.
I have seen native speakers teaching kids words like lunch, love or lucky pronounced with the u like "butcher" :D
Do we really think a boy who's planning to study in US need that?

Quester (232 posts) • 0

Market-driven industry practice. Some countries have strict anti-discrimination laws, and the culture of acceptance and at least manners. But for now, providing English education is big bucks in China, and currently money trumps manners. Sad situation, some reforms happening in the industry (positive reforms or not, is another question), butmaybe one day anti-discrimination reform will come.

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