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Discrimination in ESL

nnoble (889 posts) • 0

Constantly invoking history, what other countries do or don't do and what China does in Africa is mostly irrelevant to the problems and the situation HERE and NOW in China. Unskilled labour can be converted to skilled labour, it happens everywhere everyday. It needs to be speeded up in the case of domestic unskilled labour but that will still not be sufficient. China needs immigration or it will live with the consequences in the long-term.

Napoleon (1183 posts) • 0

Also in that article most Chinese people believe that Africans eat fried chicken and watermelon. I have never heard that in all my years. If it ever was said then why would they mean it in a derogatory term? The Chinese eat tonnes of chicken and watermelon.

I therefore think it was created with an agenda and written to suit to appeal to an American audience, where to say so would be 'ghastly'. You wouldn't get a rise from an African saying they eat a lot of chicken, we do. Probably for the same reason the Chinese do - economics. I must say, I never had a watermelon prior to arriving in China.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

china needs immigration, maybe. does it want immigration, maybe not. if you have a home grown monoculture it is easy to control the dialogue/monologue. no new ideas like demoncracy, humus rights, rool of luo to muddy the watters.

Napoleon (1183 posts) • 0


Well to be fair, if you're wanting to learn about democracy or human rights, your not going have the Africans teach you now are you?

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

someone said china needs immigration, i respond to that. i am not saying black people are not discriminated against. i am not saying non chinese are descriminated againdst.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

"@Dazzer Go on then, spill the beans - Where?"
south korea, even thailand are more welcoming to black people. helps if you are from usa, but not the chin blanket 'black people are dangerous' etc.

Napoleon (1183 posts) • 0


Thailand - bollocks.
There are more Africans in Thai prisons than anywhere else in Asia. Expect rough treatment at Bangkok airport if your coming on the Cairo or Jo'burg flights. Some nations Cote D'Ivore, Sierra Leone, warn their citizens against going to Thailand. Some African nations aren't applicable for visas. There are stories each week of people being asked to leave bars in Pattaya because of their colour, the Africans have earnt themselves a reputation as drug dealers and prostotutes and you may struggle checking in to a hotel on an African passport. The foreign police that patrol the walking streets of Pattaya forewarn blacks that they may be attacked by prostitutes and drug dealers who may mistake them for being in those professions and moving in on their patch.

You have no idea on this one.
I also know every Zimbabwean working in Thailand - Both of them. Teachers at the king of the regents school and they have stories much worse than 'don't apply if you're black' (they aren't) that they could spin from Africans in Thailand.

Thailand is a more welcoming country to Africans than China - Totally, utterly untrue.

Korea I don't know about. Perhaps no news is good news.

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

sfunny i read different about thailand written by black people. remember phuket and pataya are not thailand. like suncity is not south africa, and fort lauderdale is not america. and victoria falls is not zim. ans still there are places in asia that are less unwelcoming to black people which was my point. so stop being a chip on the old shoulder pedant.

goldie122 (645 posts) • 0

@napoleon... yes, black people love their fried chicken, watermelon, grape soda, etc. It's an American stereotype but if you talk about it in the US, black people would get offended and call racism even though it is not a bad thing... I like all of those things as well.

HFCAMPO (3062 posts) • 0 - New policy to block many non-native English speakers from legally teaching the language in China.

Foreigners from non-native English speaking countries can no longer teach English in China (at any level) unless they have a (bachelor degree) or above from an English-speaking country plus two years' working experience in English language education.

Competition begins when there is more supply then demand - too many foreigners now so they can finally raise the standard(s) for english teachers.

The crimminal background check is another example of competition and how the standards are being raised.

Past = Anyone will do.
Pres = Only certified will do.
Future = Only qualified will do.

Recently there has been a crackdown on foreigners who are working illegally (without Z visa).[...] - The training institution that had employed the two foreigners was not certified to employ foreign teachers.[...] - Guangzhou is currently home to 86,000 foreigners.

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