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48V E-Bike - everything above considered illegal!

CromsonCromson (130 posts) • 0

Hi folks,

just got pulled over with like almost everyone on e-bike by the man in blue.

Thought... "alright, they want have a look at the Invoice or whatever" and didn't have the feeling i made something wrong.

But than i was politely asked to pay a fine of 20 RMB.

The thing is, all e-scooters above 48V aren't allowed. I think i heard of that years ago, but it wasn't inforced since the 9 years i stay here.

I asked them what the people should do... answer: "Buy a regular one with 48V and sell the other one".

The second hand market will be filled up in no-time, the merchants can close their shops, the producers switch to e-cars, batteries and toys.

My question (2-3 times) why it is allowed to sell and buy them, but not to ride them... remains without answer.

Maybe i should've played the ting-bu-dong-game, but i was curious what's all the fuss about.

So, hopefully it was just today because someone need money. If it will become a weekly or even daily thing, i will consider to buy a motorcycle again.

Take care and watch out for the blue man group (with some yellow vest fellas in it).

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

For riding an overpowered illegal scooter, it's only 20rmb? I think they fined some jaywalkjers 20rmb in Shenzhen. Same thing, decades old law enforced on some sunny day.

CromsonCromson (130 posts) • 0

@Tmac17: Riding motorcycle isn't illegal, if you have chinese drivers license, proper papers/plates, insurance, helmet and follow the rules where you can't go in Kunming. But you are right, it's almost everywhere within the third ring road now. :(

@AlexKMG: Years ago i heard, that scooters above 64V are considered illegal. But it's like everytime here, first rumors... than it hits the news, than they enforce it for some time and in the forgotten chamber it goes.
The "normal" scooters (64-80V) they are selling (except the tuned ones) you can buy in every shop in the city and no one will tell you, that they are illegal.
I'm pretty sure it's all about the safety question, because the big ones are pretty fast. But i'm 1,94m in height and not going to fit on a 48V little-princess scootie. Furthermore that batteries will barely bring my 90kg to work.

Haali (1167 posts) • 0

it's only 20rmb guys, come on! And if you are too poor to pay, just ride past them, they won't be able to catch you with your oversized batteries! ;D

Alexez (347 posts) • 0

Ive heard u cant register a motorbike in KM anymore. Those u see in shops are aparently for people around KM ( small towns or countryside ). Thats what we were told in motorbike shop near Dianchi Lake.

CromsonCromson (130 posts) • 0

@Haali: I wasn't whining about the 20RMB, even if it could pay for a nice big bowl of 米线. Please note, that not all foreigners in KM are beggars. It was meant as warning for you guys... do not stop, just move the throttle instead ;)

CromsonCromson (130 posts) • 0

@Alexez: When did you hear that? I had two motorcycles legal in KM, all two legally registered and later sold with no problems switching all the papers over to the new owner. Maybe it changed in the meantime, or it depends on engine-power. My biggest one was 250ccm, no probs. They did just hand out a list where you can't go in KM... almost every place within the 3rd ring road.

Alexez (347 posts) • 0

just imagine u carrying your mate on 72V bike. Than u get a 40kuai. - Double Impact :-)

( as discussed and verified long time ago, 2 adults are not allowed on e-bike, actually not even on bicycle )

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