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Music store in KM?

justamusician (2 posts) • 0

We are looking to buy a new or used Yamaha keyboard. Does anyone either have one for sale, or know where to find a store that sells Yamaha keyboards in Kunming?

laotou (1715 posts) • 0

Everything you need is on From full sized 86 key keyboards, to 72 keys, to the 60+/- key - all with midi i/o.

You can buy new OR used - if you're not sure how - ask a friend.

We used to try to support local stores and dealers (xiong bros bike store apart - they're actually price competitive, provide good service, and don't give you that "I've been slimed by a greasy used car salesman" feeling - aka the feeling of being cheated or defrauded.

So we buy almost EVERYTHING via taobao...but one still needs to be a conspicuous online consumer (so ask an experienced shopper for advice/assistance).

If you're wary of fake knock-offs - go to instead. It's the brick & mortar version of online virtual stores - somewhat (SOMEWHAT) more brick & mortar prices.

Good luck and happy tinkering (or jammin).

NataLi (9 posts) • 0

justamusician @do u know where in Kunming clubs street?near my hotel a lot music stores<but i can't give u address !do u have we chat?i can sent my location and u can find it

Haali (1117 posts) • 0

Xichang Lu has a load of music shops, just north of the intersection with Jinbi Lu and south of the Daguan Lu intersection

onlyurei (33 posts) • 0

There's a row of shops selling musical instruments next to the entrance of Yunnan Normal University on 一二一大街(1-2-1 Ave), see Baidu Maps here:

The street view was taken before the renovation was complete.

bluegrass14 (126 posts) • +1

To revive this thread, do the stores on Xichang Lu have decent quality mics and speakers? Or does anyone have a taobao seller they regularly use for musical equipment?

goldie122 (645 posts) • -1

Things change often in this country. Do you guys like reviving old threads from a year ago or more? Why don't you just start a new thread? Your post didn't even have anything to do with buying a Yamaha keyboard.

bluegrass14 (126 posts) • +1

The thread title is Music stores, which is what I asked about. There should maybe be a timeline on threads before they are deleted...

juliaandian (1 post) • 0

We want to buy a traditional Chinese instrument like a huqin.

We'll be in Kunming from 4-18 September.

If you know anyone who makes and/or sells these instruments, please contact Julia on Wechat/phone +86 15101094783

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