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Kunming FRAUD

SerdarAnash (1 post) • +1

Hi all,

We are an architectural company from Turkey and we were recently contacted by a company in Kunming and the project they proposed has been dealt by this forum on this thread before. I do not believe in coincidences. So I would like to write here and expose them.

The project details are a 36 floored hotel with a 98,000,000 € budget.

Company information is;

China Yunnan Investment Group.
(They even have a bloomberg company report)
Mr. Guoliang Liu
+86 18987568520

Francisco Javier (15 posts) • 0

They are the same who cheat about 15 firms worldwide per year.

Y will write to them again with copy to other people are interested in do something again them.


AltoCoder (1 post) • 0

The official website of the company is which

is genuine however Mr Guoliang Liu uses .net instead of .com is the first red flag. Anything to do with this gentleman is a scam

michael2015 (572 posts) • 0

Congrats on dodging that bullet. If you've NEVER done business in China - you absolutely need a 3rd party proxy partner to help with due diligence. ANY of the law firms on this site can help you execute due diligence for a nominal fee (usually around CNY 5k ~ USD/EUR 700.

If your firm cannot afford the due diligence fee - you absolutely cannot afford to do business here.

Also - be aware - as a foreigner, most local firms triple or more their basic rates - so that CNY 5k due diligence fee - you should expect a price-gouging attorney to initially solicit CNY 15k or even more. Blacklist those kinds of firms.

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