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Many people got cheated by those frauds in the past 2-3 or maybe more years. If you have pics, evidence and stuff, please get in touch with me by PM. I am happy to forward it to my Embassy contacts, Chambers of Commerce and especially to Chinese Embassies abroad. Time to shut those guys down for good!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Kunming FRAUD

Friends of mine, a sports school in Switzerland also nearly fell into the following scam attack:

Yunnan Zhouyun Import & Export Trading Co. , Ltd.

Swimming training enquiry
Dear Sir/Ms.
We are a China Yunnan comprehensive entity company. Corporation subordinates have supplies import and export companies. Technology import and export corporation. The personnel to go abroad services and technical training
At present. Our company and the Chinese sports school work together to form a Youth swimming training program. 216 students are enrolled now, We plan to find a Swimming training

school abroad to train our students. We understand that your school is a Swimming training

school, Special email consultation, If you can receive our students for Swimming

training, Please quote us your training price, Offers include tuition, board and lodging, transportation, and equipment needed for training. If your price is acceptable to us, we will discuss the details of the cooperation.
Students basic conditions: 216 students, All the students are beginners, 10-16 years old.

As for the best regards

Project manager: Zhu changshun

The phone:+8615687892921

Forums > Living in Kunming > Broken leg right at the ankle... need advice...

I had in my life 2 broken ankles in my home country, which has top notch medical care. Both times I needed surgery to (plate with 5-7 screws). The plates stayed in for about a year and then got removed.

Stronly recommend to go to a good hpsoital, have it X-rayed and then do the right thing. RMB 20K for a broken ankle surgery sounds a bit steep to me. Paid a few years ago around 40K for my dad who suffered from 6 broken ribs and a ruptured lung artery (emergency surgery, 49 hours ICU, 3 days normal ward). A broken ankle surgery takes around 1.5 hrs, then stay 24 hrs in normal ward. To remove the plate around 1 hr and after a few hours you can leave the hospital, although

I am sure in China they want to keep you for at least 24 hrs.


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