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Photography Exhibition by Remi Lesueur


TCG Nordica is going to present French photographer Remi Lesueur’s Exhibition “Déambulation” from June 13th to July 5th. The opening reception will be at 8pm on June 13th.

Exhibition introduction from Remi Lesueur: "This exhibition reflects my walks to meet the Chinese people and their environment. I graduated from arts school with a degree in documentary video work and photography. After working with the journalistic media, I'm now traveling to China to experience another culture and learn about another way of life. I take pictures because for me, to capture the moment is to become aware of reality. Choosing a frame and being on the lookout for the moment is to give a snapshot of the time with a sociological perspective. The human condition is an integral part of my outlook on things. Since my arrival in China I've created a blog and photo exhibition called "Déambulation", ("wandering")."

Address: TCG Nordica gallery, Chuangku, xibalu 101, Kunming
Tel: 0871-64114692
Website: TCGNordica

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