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Art Is Easy, an exhibition


TCG Nordica is proud to present an exhibition by Norwegian artists Anne Rolfsen and Hilmar Fredriksen. Art Is Easy consists of a variety of different objects, video animations, paintings and performances that all have in common the themes of geometry and a fascination of mysticism.

Anne Rolfsen was born in 1946, and studied at the art academy in Oslo. She has exhibited both separately and in group shows in Norway. In her works she mainly uses drawings on graphic paper and paintings of ornaments, where she often uses flowers as a starting point, she creates ornaments that are inspired by religion and from journeys to Japan and India.

Hilmar Fredriksen was born in 1953 and studied at the art academy in Oslo and in Düsseldorf. He has represented Norway during several biennales and exhibited greatly in Norway and other countries.

He was a pioneer in Norway working with conceptual art and performance art in the 1970s. His works often deals with subjects concerning everyday life, eastern religions, philosophy and mysticism, always with a playful approach. The combination of conceptualism and mysticism is something that has interested Hilmar Fredriksen for a long time. One of his most famous art pieces is a communication piece from 1979, made of wood, iron and mirrored glass.

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