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Holidays Nov 14 – Nov 19

Hani's New Year


Hani people in Yunnan's Honghe County celebrate their new year in October of the lunar calendar, as their new year begins in that month.

During the week-long festival, hundreds of tables full of an array of local delicacies fill the streets.

In the morning, each family brings 3 cups of wine, 3 bowls of water, and 3 pieces of glutinous rice cakes named “Tuanyuan”, which literally means “union”, to the head of the village. These tributes are part of ancestor-worship.

Relatives and friends visit each other, matchmakers are busy bringing couples together, and married women visit their parents.

The highlight of the festival is the gorgeous traditional costumes Hani ladies wear, adorned with silver ornaments. They often line up at village entrances, rice wine in hands, to greet visitors.

The Hanis are good singers and dancers. It is a great time for them to show their traditional “Debocuo” dance as well as the palm fan dance.

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