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Culture Jun 5 – Jun 6 338 yuan

Weekend Trip to Fuxian Lake Organic Farm


This June we are looking to slow down and fully enjoy life through nature to appreciate what we have. To help us learn how to fully adapt to a sustainable way of living, we will be taking an overnight trip to Fuxian Lake Jingxi Farm! This back to nature trip will help us tap into our nature skills and reconnect the way we live with the environment all around us.

This weekend, let’s get back to nature and live the “slow life” by practicing a pastoral way of life through veganism. With ingredient picking, DIY crafts, hiking, sunset dinner, rice planting experience, starry sky film screening, and sustainable life skills practice; we will take time to enjoy the quality of nature that builds the foundation of our living.

Please read over the article (updated) for more details. The farm charges fees for this event at a discounted price (adult 338 RMB) for promoting sustainable lifestyle. If you bring your own camping gear, the accommodation will be free of charge. Limited spots, please DM to sign up and pay. Registration closes on Friday. Once you sign up and pay, I will add you to a temp group for more event updates and car arrangement.

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Fuxian Lake • Chengjiang, Jiangchuan and Huaning County