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Culture 6:30pm 20 yuan

Vegan Night Market Tour


Shuangqiao night market sits in the middle of an “urban village” in downtown Kunming. Urban villages are a unique phenomenon that formed part of China’s urbanization efforts. The landowners build multi-story buildings and rent them to the young dream chasers and newcomers to the city from all over China. Urban villages are inhabited by the poor and transient. However, they are among the most lively areas in most of the Chinese cities. The market is a one kilometer long walking street where all the food vendors who live in this neighborhood set up their carts next to each other every night and feed the people who just finish a long day at work. The parties usually last until mid-night. During the tour, I will guide you to walk through the largest mushroom market in Kunming, the night market, and some narrow alleys which lead off the main walking street. 5 to 6 dishes are recommended, including snacks which you can eat on the go and dishes that we will sit around a table to enjoy. Cold beer and other alcohol are available at the market. The tour is 20 RMB per person, and you are responsible for your own food and drink expenses. It’s not mandatory to try all the food and drinks I recommend throughout the tour.

Please NOTE that this is a vegan tour, if you crave any non-vegan options please do it when the tour ends. We promote plastic-free lifestyle. Each one of you will be provided a reusable silicone food bag to use during the tour and please return them at the end. Should you wish to keep them, they are available for purchase(additional 20 RMB). All the food and drinks at the market are served in single-use plastic containers and cups. SO PLEASE REMEMBER to bring your own food container, cutlery(a spoon and chopsticks) and water bottle. If you are planning to buy mushrooms, please bring your own shopping bag.

This tour starts at 7pm and lasts for roughly 3 hours.

Looking forward to seeing you , please remember to arrive on an EMPTY TUMMY.

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