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The "Matter Matters" - Art and Environmental Care


Tour Exhibition——The " Matter Matters " - Art And Environmental Care

At its root, the ecological crisis is a conceptual problem. According to the Book of Genesis in the Bible, the cool (wind) of the day referenced after Adam and Eve sinned against God seems to foreshadow a broken world that once enjoyed indescribable harmony. The concept here is that human sin had resulted in the initial ecological imbalance. The subsequent rise of individualism and the human-centred ecological mind-set with its accompanying values, morale and ethics, are the chief culprits behind the modern day ecological crisis. Therefore, when we reflect on this phenomenon from a critical standpoint, we inadvertently face opposition from the rationalists and consumerists.

However, people have different ideas about the intrinsic value of ecological care. People with a differing ideological structure will respond differently to crisis and use different strategies to solve them. To balance the conflict of interest between humans and nature and to manage the gap caused by anthropocentrism and ecological egalitarianism, we need some absolute spiritual principles built on consensus through dialogue.

Admittedly, art itself cannot change the reality of the predicament. What it can do is raise a conceptual question. If we want to change this ecological crisis, first of all we must start with such a conceptual question, which is the purpose of the exhibition Matter Matters.
——Jiuyang Zhu

Opening: 19:30 20th SEP. 2019
open time: Tuesday to Saturday 11:00-18:00
Sunday 14:00-18:00
Closed on Monday

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