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Made in Yunnan


Made in Yunnan 'Torch Festival Special is an all day event held at ModernskyLab and Modernsky Cafe on Sunday 28th July featuring Manhu's first full length performance in Kunming for over a year.

Also featuring warm-up appearances from Wood and Fire (who also released a debut album last month) and and Kabuki, this event is more than just a live show and aims to incorporate various elements of Yunnan ethnic culture throughout the day.

Starting in the afternoon with a Stone Forest Sani embroidery exhibition, the early part of the day will also feature music culture workshops from both Manhu and Wood and Fire, with the chance to taste local snacks and drinks.

The evening will feature full performances with interactive dance elements led by an authentic Stone Forest dance troupe - a full torch festival experience in Kunming

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Modernsky Lab Kunming • 569 Dianchi Lake, Nanya B1 NEW Mall , 3rd floor