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The 4th Kunming Art Biennale: Beyond the Ink Wash


Beyond the Ink Wash-Regulations of the 4th Kunming Art Biennale 2018

Initiated in 2012, Kunming Art Biennale is an international art exhibition, ratified by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Culture and Tourism and funded by the Yunnan Provincial Department of Finance. Biennales have been successively held in 2012, 2014, and 2016. As a platform of art, the Biennale supports cultural communication among South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia, West Asia and China, with audience of over 100,000 domestic and international individuals. The Biennale exhibits 300 artists from 18 countries and regions. In order to construct a regional and cross-cultural platform, Kunming Art
Biennale’s curatorial team involves both Chinese curatorial committees and international curators.

Kunming Art Biennale, 2018 will attract 51 contemporary artists from 18 countries and regions in South Asia, Southeast Asia, East Asia and West Asia. Chinese ink and Xuan paper, typically representing traditional Chinese culture, are taken as the main tools to create artworks for this biennale, with the purpose of
integrating artists’ concept and Chinese traditional art forms, creating artworks implicated.

The Biennale will take Chinese calligraphy and ink art as the cultural carrier, presenting traditional Chinese ink art by artists from South Asia and
Southeast Asia where the Chinese traditional ink-painting art is inherited, reconstructed and developed. Needless to say, since the 20th century, South Asia and Southeast Asia has been following Europe and America’s of economic development. Modernization in South Asia and Southeast Asia also reflects the globalization of Europe and America.


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