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Live music 11:00pm 100 yuan

Live Music: Shiwei band + Tennyson

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2 touring bands: Shiwei band (衣湿乐队) + Tennyson

8:30pm Shiwei (衣湿乐队) - Tickets: 80-120 yuan
11pm Tennyson - Tickets: 80-100 yuan

Tennyson Asia Tour 2018

Tennyson is a brother-sister musical duo (Luke and Tess Pretty) from Canada. Since starting their journey from busking on the streets of Edmonton at the ages of 7 and 9 under the alias Luke & Tess, Tennyson have slowly matured into one of the most innovative artists in the music industry with their blend of jazz music and electronica gaining the attention of some of the biggest independent producers such as Ryan Hemsworth, Lido and Skrillex.

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Modernsky Lab Kunming • 569 Dianchi Lake, Nanya B1 NEW Mall , 3rd floor

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