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Exhibition: Moving Light


In the exhibition «Moving Light» Raen Thomassen is using light as a main core. With photography as medium/tool, different areas of light are manifested, turning the intangible to somewhat constant. Based on the photographies, a series of work have been produced in Norway, consequently made with the local light. These works can be seen as fragments of certain places and moments. The transfusion of light from one place to another, from Bergen and Kristiansand to Kunming, prompts a shift.

The works are a series of paintings, made by the photographies together with glue and reflexive glass beads on canvas. The canvas is of thin and translucent quality and can be adapted from both sides. The ink from the photographic print reacts with the glue and is being absorbed into the canvas, making new expressions and colour play. The reflexive glass beads are amplifying the conceptual content, due to its quality of trowing the light back to the exact same direction from where it comes from.

The aim is to question the constant and intangible aspects in a poetic and existential perspective.

The sun is a constant for our existence, its sunbeams are intangible. Areas of light becomes visible, are in constant movement, and again disappears. These areas of light can be read as transient places – intangible and sensual.

Opening on Friday the 13th at 7:30pm

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