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Chinese Ballet: Moonlight over the Erquan Pond


《二泉映月》Moonlight over the Erquan Pond


it’s a erhu masterpiece, by Chinese folk musician, a blind man - A Bing (Hua Yanjun). In twentieth Century 50 time first by musician Mr. Yang Yinliu according to A Bing's playing, recording notation finishing, filling records quickly swept the country. This song is a revelation from first to last the world have suffered a bitter and painful thoughts feelings blind artists, works also show the unique folk playing techniques and style, and the incomparable deep mood, showing the unique charm China Erhu art, it broadens the two Hu Yi of expressive force, was awarded the "Twentieth Century Chinese classical music award". The Moon Over a Fountain is a treasure house of folk music culture Chinese song renowned at home and abroad of good works, is one of the treasures of folk music creation in China repertoire.

A Bing he born in 1893 July, died in 1950 December. A Bing twenties, suffering from eye diseases, and dead father, be plagued by poverty and ill health, eye disease deterioration, eyes have blindness, from then on, people call him the blind A Bing. A Bing just by singing to maintain the life, he has never done begging for appearance, he's there in the dark, the struggle against poverty for decades, he was on pain of life experience, through his music reflected, not because life difficulties and hardships and poverty, vulgar, on the contrary, his music revealed a from the people at the bottom health and deep breath. A Bing with his life and the moon reflected in the cemented immortal works.

In 1997 The Liaoning Ballet of China first write the play of ballet and rehearsal The Moonlight Over the Er-Quan Pond. It’s a sorrow love story of Quan and Yue er, they two love each other, but another rich man Gu lose he’s heart to Yue er too, so Gu locked up Yue er in his house, but she escape from that house for Quan, finally Gu be furious, he killed Yue er and throw she’s body in that Er Quan Pond. When Quan heard that bad news, he stab his eyes for remember those good memory with Yue er.

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