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Stage Play: "The Legend of Zhen Huan"


2015.11.14 话剧《甄嬛传》
The Legend of Zhen Huan, this Drama is an Epic Masterpiece

This is an amazing drama; an epic masterpiece. It might not be for everyone, but as a palace drama, it did a great job. This drama takes place in the Qing Dynasty, during Emperor Yong Zheng’s reign. It had high quality costumes and sets, there was still a very glossy, polished feel to it.

Zhen Huan - she first came into the palace and was scared, then she fell in love with the emperor and was naive about palace life,after the sweet time, she fell out of love with him and became cold and calculative like all the other palace women.

Consort Hua -She was a sad and lonely woman, whose love turned into obsession and teetering closer to madness. Her crying scenes got you in the heart, even though she was evil, because you could see the lost and former sweet girl somewhere in there. Unlike Zhen Huan, who realized that loving a man who shouldn't be loved, would lead to her ruin, she never realized and it caused her to keep racing towards eventual doom.

Now, we have a stage play which is based on The legend of Zhen huan.

And the stage play is different from the TV version "The legend of Zhen huan", it shows a fictional imperial society, in this context, the actors and actresses have more free performance space.
      The play also retains a large number of "Zhen Huan language style," some TV version of the classic lines have been retained, such as "The bitch is so pretentious!" "The emperor, Chenqie can’t do it." Look forward to such lines are crossing mash-up "Zhen Huan language style" !

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