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Pollard English Story Time for Kids


Mr. Rivett who are from Kunming Pollard School will be invited to foreign books room on the 4th floor of library building and share good stories and interesting games with both native and oversea kids.

September 19th.
storyteller: Mr. Rivett
9:00—10:00a.m. for kids from 8 to 14 years old
10:30—11:30a.m. for kids from 3 to 7 years old

We need prepare homework pages and pictures for each kid, so it’s necessary to make an appointment and make us clear that how many kids and who will take part in.

If you decide to participate in our story time, there is a way to let us know about your participating in with your kids a week before the story time:

please Visit the web page http://e.eqxiu.com/s/Om1uaTzm on your computer or smart mobile phone, then fill the sign-up sheet and submit it to us(if you need translation help, I can give a hand to you in library)

Parents need to know
-we have Pollard story time monthly in library
-Make an appoinment for every story time is needed
-Every Pollard Story time is divided to two age groups by different time;
-Each age group is limited to 25 kids;

-Kids take part in their age-appropriate story time by filling sign-up sheet ahead of schedule;
-The signing up will be cut off one week before story time;
-25 participants for each age group will be chosen by chronological order of their sign-up submissions; 50 participants at most for two age groups in all will be chosen for one day.
-All the participants will be invited to Pollard story time with their moms and dads.

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