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Dining & Drinks 7:30pm 70 yuan

Kunming Homebrewing Society Monthly Meetup


Ever wanted to know how to taste beer? How to tell if the beer your drinking has gone bad? Or if there might be something wrong with it?

Continuing from last month, we'll be tasting the remaining potential off-flavours than a brewer may encounter. Whether you're a homebrewer, a professional brewer, a cicerone in training, or just an avid drinker, you'll definitely want to attend this one. We're going to be tasting 13 off-flavours - flavours that you might get in a beer that's somehow turned out wrong or gone bad - by spiking some lager with various chemicals. We'll learn how to taste beer and detect these flavours, as well as what may have caused them. The chemicals used are perfectly safe, in fact some of them may even improve the beer!

There will be an additional cost for this meetup:

* ¥35 - members
* ¥70 - non-members

As usual, anyone is welcome to attend, but we do ask that you RSVP to [hello@kunmingbeer.org] so that we know how much materials to prepare.

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