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Activity 6:00pm 20 yuan

Easter Wandering


TICKET:20 RMB/person and 50 RMB/family (3 persons)

What is Easter all about and why do we celebrate Easter?

Come and experience the story behind the Easter holiday in our Easter Wandering. We will travel through time and visit Jerusalem around year 30 A.D. We will meet disciples of the Master and listen to their story and follow them through their most intense days.

This is an interesting and interactive way of understanding the most important story in the Christian culture. We use sounds, lights and atmosphere to experience and reflect on this story. Come join us!

The wandering will be taken in groups of 5-10 persons. While you wait you can enjoy our other activities; painting eggs or coloring sheets and listen to music. You can also buy something to eat from our Easter BBQ. (The BBQ will be open from 5 pm)

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