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Culture Dec 5 – Dec 6 3 yuan

The 11th International Christmas Fair


TIME:17:00~22:00, 5th Dec.

10:00~18:00, 6th Dec.

ADD: Xiba Road 101, Yongle Road 60 (Xiba Road is currently under construction, to enter TCG Nordica please use the laneway that can be found at 60 Yongle Road. Sorry for the inconvenience)


Sincere as ever, we are renewed year by year.

We’re moving forward with the same idea that has inspired us 11 years ago. We can’t wait for the Christmas.

1) Bazzar

Don’t rush through Christmas, take your time, and cherish it. Have you chosen the gifts that can bring happiness to your friends and loved ones?

2) Live performance

Where there’s no words, there’s music.

3) Movies

“Frozen”, “How the Grinch stole Christmas”, etc… You don’t need popcorn to have fun!

Special thanks to: Public Affairs Section, the U.S. Consulate General in Chengdu.

4) Photography

Which friend do you miss the most? Which family picture do you cherish the most? When you feel blue, which picture is able to warm your heart?

5) Children’s playground

There’s no limitation. Explore the world and travel around it. We don’t want to grow up!

All the entrance fee and 5% of the vendors’ income will be donated to charity. It’s never too late to contribute.

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