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Organic food distribution network launched in Kunming

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Last Friday in Beijing, Yunnan provincial party secretary Bai Enpei (白恩培) told reporters that if the province's environment is destroyed "Yunnan will have absolutely nothing".

One of the major environmental issues in Yunnan is the widespread use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, whose runoff is one of the main contributors to the severe pollution of Dianchi Lake in recent decades.

With this in mind, GoKunming, Salvador's Coffee House and The Oasis Gift Shop (in between the eastern end of Wenhua Xiang and the middle of Wenlin Jie) have come together to create GreenKunming, a new organic food distribution system.

Beginning this Friday, there will be two weekly deliveries of pesticide-free, certified organic vegetables from Kunming's Haobao Organic Farm (pictured above) to the new Tianjundian Xiang shop (map here) where members can pick up their orders.

GreenKunming currently operates on a credit system, in which credit equaling 200 or 400 yuan can be purchased online via PayPal or at The Oasis Gift Shop. The credits can then be used to book delivery dates online. Initially deliveries from Haobao will consist of five kilograms of assorted seasonal vegetables for 40 yuan.

As the GreenKunming site and distribution system evolve, it will be looking for new partners to provide organic or green products for GreenKunming members. If you work for or know of potential partners for the GreenKunming network, please contact GreenKunming via its contact form.

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