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Cina Oggi and China Underground

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From Cina Oggi's photo gallery: Yuanyang by Piero Vio
From Cina Oggi's photo gallery: Yuanyang by Piero Vio

Speakers and learners of Italian should note the site Cina Oggi or 'China Today', a website about China focused on culture and the arts. The site has a Yunnan-centric feel as many of the contributors are based in Kunming and frequently travel around the province.

Even if you can't read Italian, the Cina Oggi photo gallery is well worth visiting, especially if you're planning a trip around Yunnan and want to get an idea of what to expect in lesser-known destinations such as Qujing, Baoshan Stone City, the Nujiang Valley and more. There are also excellent galleries of much of the rest of the country.

The Cina Oggi team also produces China Underground, an English-language website which essentially highlights content from Cina Oggi for an English audience. China Underground also has links to the Cina Oggi photo gallery.

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