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Mid-Autumn Parties in Dali

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Playing with fire in the Bird Bar courtyard
Playing with fire in the Bird Bar courtyard

Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival, a time to spend with family and friends admiring the full moon while eating, drinking and maybe forcing down a mooncake or two.

Dali is always a good place for Mid-Autumn moongazing and this year is no exception. Friday night there will be a couple of parties to celebrate the year's harvest.

The Bird Bar will be featuring the highly danceable musical stylings of DJ Kris1 inside the bar, with plenty of room in the courtyard out back for a lunar fa dai session. Festivities should kick off around 10 or 11ish.

Down on Erhai Lake, new arrival Dragonfly Garden is throwing their second big party since opening several weeks back. The Dragonfly party will feature 12 hours of live music and DJs from 8pm to 8am, fire shows, juggling, all-night barbecue and unlimited punch, all for the low entry fee of 15 yuan.

It's not too late to hop on a bus to Dali. Here are contact details for the Bird and the Dragonfly:

Bird Bar
22 Renmin Lu, Dali Old Town
(0872) 266 1843

Dragonfly Garden
Caicun Matou, Erhai Lake, Dali Old Town
(0872) 269 1518
http://www.dragonflydali.com (site is unfinished, but has good directions on how to get there)

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