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Dali bans fishing on Erhai Lake for six months

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Will Erhai Lake bounce back?
Will Erhai Lake bounce back?

The People's Government of Dali has banned all fishing activities on Erhai Lake from January 1 of this year "in order to guarantee Erhai's ecological recovery and the sustainable development of the fishing industry", according to a Yunnan Daily report.

Not unlike Dianchi Lake in Kunming, Erhai Lake has seen its water quality drop severely in the last couple of decades, especially with the rapid development of Xiaguan (aka 'New Dali') and its accompanying pollution.

Pollution plus heavy fishing have taken a toll on the quality and quantity of fish in the lake. There is also a tourist element to fishing on Erhai Lake, as many foreign and domestic tourists make it out to witness a traditional local fishing method using cormorants.

The Dali government also declared that the 2.1-square kilometer Erhai Aquatic Life Protected Area between Hong Mountain and Ao Mountain in Shuanglang Town will be closed to the public for the entire year.

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Writing a good article until the ink sweat drips from your brow, and nobody comments, can be heartbreaking.
So, I'd just like to say banning fishing for six months is laughable. OK, it's better than nothing, but it should be the first six months of every year, and where are the government's pollution police when you want them!? And no jokes about Tim Horten's, thank you.

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