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Snapshot: Have a Heart 2021 Fundraiser – thank you Kunming!

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The Have a Heart Fundraiser 2021 held on November 20 at the Kai Wah Plaza Hotel was this year once again a great success by a variety of criteria, including money raised for children's heart surgeries, bringing together a community of like-minded people from Kunming and around China and the world, and, not to be overlooked, having fun!

The event itself raised more than 140,000 yuan, to support heart surgery for needy children at Fuwai Hospital in Kunming. An additional 70,000 yuan in international donations for children's heart surgeries given in conjunction with the event raised the total to over 210,000 yuan. Kunming Rotary Club furthermore secured 200,000 yuan in funds to be used for heart surgeries for needy children in Kunming. This means that in total more than 410,000 yuan was raised for children's heart surgery—a remarkable achievement for a worthy cause.

Many, many people put in a great deal of time and effort to make Have a Heart 2021 a success. The organizers extend their sincere thanks to the following individuals and organizations, as well as their apologies for anyone who may have been overlooked:


Sean, Sam and the Turtle Bar and T3 for organizing the musical performances and the musicians who donated their time and talent to the event, including:

• Braden and Friends
• Invincible Gherkin 无敌小黄瓜
• Eddy Kneefel 艾迪
• Stud Duck
• Baraoke 巴饶克
• Large Forehead 大脑门
• Take Me Nowhere
• Alli G's Disco Funk Brigade
• Zeming Xu
• DJ Xiao Kris

Food and Beverage

Nearly a quarter of the funds raised on site came from the food and beverage vendors:

• À Table French Bakery by Vincent | À Table 法式烘焙
• Jasmine's Cameroonian Food
• Cantina Restaurant and Sapore Italia Foods | 意老夫子意大利餐厅与昆明意滋味食品有限公司
• Chaba Brewpub | 岔巴精酿啤酒餐吧
• Humdinger Brewpub | 玩啤精酿餐吧
• Jon's Cajun Cuisine
• Kai Wah Plaza Hotel | 昆明佳华广场酒店
• Lost Garden Guesthouse & Café | 一丘田七号客栈餐厅
• Revolución Cocktail | 革命酒吧
• Salvador's House of Coffee | 萨尔瓦多咖啡馆
• Siam Thai | 暹泰
• Slice of Heaven | 天堂角西点咖啡
• Surya Yoga by Daisy | 塑雅瑜伽
• Thierry B. Artisan Chocolate | 云南蒂艾里食品有限公司
• Wenyan Zai Chufang 文艳在厨房
• Ying's Untamed Kitchen | 贪食厨房

Special recognition is deserved for Chaba, Humdinger and Sapore Italia/Cantina, which donated 100% of sales for beer and wine, including the cost of the product.


The following organizations donated valuable prizes and other contributions to the event. An additional special thanks goes to students at BIBS: Beanstalk International Bilingual School, who set up a school café to raise 10,000 yuan on their own:

• 1903 Space
• BIBS: Beanstalk International Bilingual School
• Brooklyn Pizzeria | 布鲁克林批萨店
• Cachet Boutique Hotel | 昆明彩云里·凯世精品酒店
• Contemporary Gallery Kunming | CGK昆明当代美术馆
• Club Med Lijiang
• Dangsters Dance Studios | 旦斯特舞蹈工作室
• Dream Island (Shuanglang Dali) | 木夕大理(双廊)
• Engriends Charity Service | 英友援助服务社
• GoKunming.com
• Greenwave
• Flying Tigers Café (Shangri-La) | 飞虎咖啡 (香格里拉)
• Fürst Carl Hausbrauerei & Schankstube | 卡尔爵士德国皇家啤酒坊
• Fuxian Lake Sailing Base | 抚仙湖帆船基地
• Gah Gallery | 噶画廊
• Hearts and Hands
• Joy Wine | 集轩酒业
• Kai Wah Plaza Hotel | 昆明佳华广场酒店
• Lanchie Dental | 蓝橙齿科
• LVAN | 绿案
• MB Distilling | 山非蒸馏
• Moon & Chalice Boutique Hotel | 昆明若安对月楼酒店
• Muyu Oven | 木鱼炉子
• Night Brew | 黑做酿造
• Red Buffalo Trading
• Salvador's House of Coffee | 萨尔瓦多咖啡馆
• Sapore Italia | 意滋味
• Surge Art | 纵澜文化
• Thierry Bornier Photography
• The Ivy Montessori Center | 长青藤多元智力启蒙中心
• The Lily Pad Inn Dali | 大理百合国际青年旅舍
• The Linden Center | 喜林苑
• The Rambler Shangri-la Gin | 漫游者香格里拉金酒
• Tulu Lodge Benzilan
• Vervo Club & Lounge | Vervo夜店酒吧
• Wine Time
• Yunnan Yu-Cong Enterprise Management Co. Ltd. | 云南玉琮企业管理有限公司
• Yunnique Coffee | 山韵咖啡

Special Thanks

- Club Med for their generous donations and team of volunteers.
- Fuwai Hospital for taking on management of the donated funds and for all they do to support children in need.
- Kai Wah Plaza Hotel (especially Paul and Betty), which once again donated the venue, remarkable staff support and wonderful prizes, and has made Have a Heart a tradition that will continue to be the can't-miss event of the year.
- Kunming Rotary Club for supporting the event and securing an additional 200,000 yuan to support heart surgeries for children at Calmette Hospital.
- Tudou and the Ivy Montessori Center for creating a safe and fun space for children to play and learn, with artistic face paintings from Eline.
- Yu-Cong accounting and licensing services who offered generous prizes for the event.

And thank you to the craft fair vendors for their invaluable contribution to the event's atmosphere and fundraising, as well as all of the volunteers who gave their time, creativity and energy to make sure the event raised as much money as possible and also that everyone had a good time.

The organizing committee of Have a Heart 2021 consisted of Colin Flahive (who takes the lead each year and makes this event happen), Kris Ariel, Jeff Crosby, Audrey Kelly, Dan Siekman, Diego Triboli and Sean Weatherall.

We hope to see everybody in 2022 for the next installment of Have a Heart!

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What a great event this was, thanks to everybody for making it happen!

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