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Venerable foreigner health check clinic moves to new location

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It is certainly not international news, but to those foreigners living and working long-term in Kunming, a placard stuck to a tinted glass clinic door represents the end of an era. The Yunnan International Travel Hygiene Healthcare Center (云南国际旅行卫生保健中心) moves to a new venue as of September 1, 2018.

For as long as most can remember, the clinic in Rixincun (日新村) and its small army of professional but slightly grumpy doctors and nurses has provided health checks for expats looking to study, work and marry in the Spring City. The carousel of tests became a grudging but necessary routine for many longterm residents.

Poking, prodding, peeing in a cup, smelling a bottle of alcohol to test one's sense of smell — all of these things were procedural. They will continue to be, just at a different and upgraded location. The new digs are located at 359 Guangfu Lu, near the intersection of Guangfu Lu (广福路) and Jinguang Lu (金广路).

The new clinic will maintain the same hours of operation and provide the same battery of exams as the old. GoKunming reached out to a staff member at the International Travel Hygiene Healthcare Center for a statement on the move, but we were politely told "no comment".

However, we did manage to discover that people who recently received a health exam at the Rixincun location should pick up their results at the old location only until the morning of August 31. Any time after that, paperwork will be available at the Guangfu Lu clinic.

Special thanks to GoKunming user 'baiyuxiang' for alerting us to this story and providing us a picture of the placard.

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Second image: GoKunming user baiyuxiang

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What bus can one take to get there?Is it near a train station?

From the city center (Green Lake Area), looks like bus #s 120 and 160 stop very nearby the clinic. You can also take #124 or #100 and transfer to the #181 to get there.

Hi! Thanks for this, very useful. Do I need an appointment or can just turn up?

No appointment needed. But getting there early is usually a good strategy.

I often turn up after 10 and the queues have gone by then. I turned up early a couple of times and have had to fight with large groups of Chinese getting their medical. One time a tourist group, another time I think was a gang of migrant workers.

If anyone is going in September. Please let us know if the procedures have changed. In Shanghai they made strip to our underwear and wear a surgical gown and slippers.

Is there a clinic for foreigners of all ages?

I went today: no appointment needed, ¥432, I arrived at 10am and it took 2 hours, most of which was queuing for ultrasound and x-ray.

Our listings page has been updated with current services offered and hours of operation for different clinic services. You can find it here:


And here, for convenience, is the schedule:

8:30-11am: Consultancy services, immunizations and health checks

11am-12pm: Consultations and document pick-ups

2-3:30pm: Consultancy services, immunizations, health checks and document pick-ups

3:30-5pm: Consultancy services and document pick-ups

Do the still use that wooden spoon for the eye check?

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