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Fundraiser: More For Baby children's autism center

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A child playing at the More For Baby center in Kunming
A child playing at the More For Baby center in Kunming

On the evening of July 26, foreign exchange students from the United States will put on a fundraiser for a Kunming organization involved in children's mental health services. The event will be filled with song and dance performances by the organizers as well as by many of the children who benefit from the center's programs.

Proceeds from all ticket sales will be donated to More For Baby Children's Mental Health Center, a non-profit outreach institute specializing in helping autistic children succeed in the classroom and in life. The show has been organized by students participating in the experiential education program Where There Be Dragons as well as by staff at host venue TCG Nordica.

Autism is believed to affect, on average, one child out of every thousand worldwide, and is much more prevalent in boys than girls. Although a complete study regarding the incidence of autism in China has never been completed, sample analyses indicate rates are close to global averages.

Diagnoses around the world have been on the increase for most of the past two decades, partially due to changes in the diagnostic criteria used. Now referred to as autistic spectrum disorders, the neuro-developmental condition covers a wide range of cognitive development issues. Children diagnosed with autism often have serious difficulties interpreting non-verbal communication and dealing with social interactions, among many other symptoms.

More For Baby teachers are hoping to build a sensory integration therapy classroom much like this one
More For Baby teachers are hoping to build a sensory integration therapy classroom much like this one

Children with any of the disorders falling under the autistic spectrum rubric often find learning in a classroom setting difficult. More For Baby is a foundation dedicated to helping children with autism. Its programs include one-to-one education with parents and teachers which are combined according to a comprehensive assessment of each child, utilizing a tailor made Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

The cornerstone of these programs is using behavioral analysis to determine which type of advanced educational methods will be most effective for each student. More For Baby offers instruction in sensory integration training, communication and language therapy, self-care training and musical education.

More For Baby is the first autism outreach facility in Yunnan. Services are free to Yunnan residents and fees for out-of-province families are capped at 1,800 yuan per month. As such, it is extremely busy. Established in 2006, the center has grown commensurately with demands for its services. Although receiving the majority of its funding from the provincial government, More For Baby needs to expand beyond the capacity of its endowment. Staff are currently involved in raising 120,000 yuan to build a new classroom focusing on sensory integration therapy.

GoKunming, along with More For Baby and Where There Be Dragons, cordially invite you to the fundraising talent show. Tickets are 50 yuan at the door and all proceeds will go toward constructing the new classroom. Come join us at TCG Nordica on July 26 at 7:30pm. Be a part of the community, be entertained, and help out in this worthy cause!

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Thank the vaccines from the west for the rise in autism in China. Unheard of before.

There should probably be donation boxes at a few spots around town. Donors with ASD would probably hesitate to show up at the event.

@HFCampo: What's the connection with vaccines? I don't know about this and the link didn't work.


There are many scientific articles regarding this topic and there is a lot of misinformation as well. All testimony from parents that had normal children at birth who became autistic after vaccines is never reported or just plain deleted.

I am sure the plethora of experts on this forum will come to the rescue within a feew minutes.

For those who believe, no proof is necessary, for those who do not believe, no proof is ever enough.

You know, your fear mongering with regards to vaccines is easy to ignore or tolerable when it just about adults, but when it pervades into children vaccinations, it moves into the realm of despicable.

Alex, you are entitled to your own despicable opinions. If you feeel it is fear mongering then that is your opinion. And opinions are like A-holes, everybody has one. I have seen the effects of vaccines with my own eyes. My nephew has autism, my sister is a nurse and I have been the victim of vaccines and have seen what vaccines do to perfectly healthy men.

If you like vaccines, then go get as many as you like and encourage all your friends and family to do the same.

I encourage people to read more and avoid getting unecessary vaccines.

@HFCampo: Who do you think deletes and/or fails to report autism following vaccinations - governments, pharmaceutical companies, who? How much such deleted/unreported testimony is there, and how do you know?
"For those who believe...', arguments are like A-holes...' etc. - I say the world is flat.
You seem to be ruling out any possibility of reason and evidence leading to understanding, which makes it difficult to find any point in communication at all, except perhaps for cracking jokes. I'll bet the guys who invented the wheel were better at it, because use of the wheel spread.

I've been vaccinated for various things and seem not to have suffered any ill effects - I'm sure there are people who have, but how many of them do you think there are, and why?

I used to work with scientists in an Environmental Protection Agency - most of them were convinced that autism and many other birth defects are linked to pollutants in our food and environmental systems. These pollutants (everything from heavy metals to simple cleaning agents to pesticides etc) end up accumulating in top predators (humans/tuna etc) where they begin to cause birth defects once they accumulate to a certain level. I remember seeing graphs on the rate of pollutants in environments vs the rates of different birth defects - they almost all followed exactly the same trajectories, to the point that causation was directly implied.

The problem was they didn't know exactly WHICH pollutants caused which defects, which essentially gave them nothing to base banning certain chemicals on. The problem was many chemicals started being used at around the same time, making it very difficult to point fingers. Its a situation where the exact causes aren't known, therefore nothing can be blamed. Which highlights a large problem with legislative process - the precautionary principle isn't followed, what is followed is release of pollutants on a massive scale because there are no studies proving such pollutants ARE harmful (despite having no evidence that AREN'T harmful). To me that is backwards, but it is the way it works unfortunately.

There could be a link between autism and vaccination programs, but I have not seen any data that supports that. I would be more inclined to believe that China's use (and lack of banning) of many known chemicals that cause reproductive disorders is the cause. Hell, they still use DDT here a very strong endocrine disruptor, all but banned in developed countries. Just run down the list of POPs that are considered extremely dangerous... endrin, aldrin, dieldrin... all produced and used within China.

according to mercola.com, blobbles and hfcampo may both be right...

Recent Autism Studies Do Not Actually Vindicate Vaccines

Environmental Toxins Linked to Rise in Autism

And there are homeopathic concoctions to detox from the toxicity of vaccines on amazon.com:
Detox Vaccines Liddell Homeopathic 1 oz Liquid $13.13

HFCAMPO, the endoftheamericandream site you linked to has all the classic signs of a fear-mongering web site and i will not be taking sites like that seriously any time soon.

this article dates back to 2007, but according to the article the cause of autism is unknown and vaccines do not appear to be the main potential culprit.

How Cell Phones May Cause Autism

The endoftheamericadream link is a lousy article and does not provide solid evidence for anything, but I'm willing to admit there may be some evidence that there is a connection between autism and vaccinations. However, somebody's got to come up with it before you can convince me.

when i was a kid we didn't ave autism, adhd, not even salmonella or ecoli. we had kids that were slow, kids that were difficult, and gastro enteritis . point being is we now have labels for things, the causes for some of these things are not striaght forwars. some things appear to be linked but cannot show defintae causality. e.g. ask any pastafarian why we need more pirates.

why are there more kids in china being diagnosed with autism? maybe better diagnosis. maybe more parents willing to go to get help for kids, thinking more about the welfare of the kid now than the stigma of admitting some problem.

As the Ebola outbreak continues to cause concern, President Barack Obama has signed an amendment to Executive order 13295 - List of Quarantinable Communicable Diseases - April 2003 - allows for the apprehension, detention, or conditional release of individuals to prevent the introduction, transmission, or spread of suspected communicable diseases.


infowars. there's a war on your mind. and alex jones is part of it.

oh please.... really? it sounds more like a republican plan to iradicate poverty, by killin all the poor folks. what about those ferverish folks at fox news. i am sure shaun hannity has some brain fever.

Marvelous input from insigNIFICANT and DAZZED.

it's very childish to distort people's user names. grow up!

magnifico, dont feed the paraniod schezo. he always starts a convo and waits for bait and changes his argument (check the drug thread). There is a reason he has been in kunming and living off a pention for 10 years without contributing to society or paying taxes. i assume he is schezo or he has the downs.

HFCAMPO (1080 posts) • 3 months agoUrine Therapy does work and I use this treatment during allergy season. Urine is great for itchy, watery eyes. I was suffering from a long bout of itchy eyes for several days. I used several eye drops from the pharmacy and paid from 6-30 Yuan for each bottle. I finally used one of the empty bottles and filled it with urine and the itching went away in minutes. Just make sure you use fresh urine in your eyes. Empty the bottle after use and rinse well. Refill with fresh urine when you need to use it again. #########********##* this is a supporting post toward towards my case on adult autism

I charge 8400 per year plus cost of books. Usually 5 to 8 students per class. Yes, you really contribute to society - plus the long line of people who are so disgusted with your services and have nothing good to say about you.

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i guess im not the type of person that needs my wife to hold my hand to order a bowl of noodles *cough* mommy issues *cough*

11 am and already drunk - typical alcoholic.

Since you want to compare wives - then I will be happy to oblige you. Everyone knows that chinese who dont speak english want to learn english and others who speak some english want to improve their english.

Since you admit your wife refuses to learn english - it is obvious that you are the one married to a black farmer = illeterate woman who can not read or write so she therefore has no interest in learning english.

Anyone who has met me has also met my wife and knows that she is a beautiful, educated woman. You just incrimminated yourself. Typical of an alcoholic spewing nonesense from his piehole.

Keep digging your own grave. I have a list of all the unsatisfied customers you have ripped off.

If you feel that this conversation actually needs to continue, finish it on the GK instant-messaging system.

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