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Events this weekend

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This weekend in Kunming will be a relatively lively one, with two parties plus a rare chance to see some live original music.

Local original hiphop
Speakeasy Bar will host the Kunming debuts of hiphop collective South Silk Road and local jazzed-out rapper Tang Renti beginning at 10. The free show will feature all-new original tunes from both acts.

Speakeasy Bar
445 Dongfeng Xi Lu
Tel: 5327047

Return of the Camel
Local drinking institution the Camel Bar, which was recently demolished and converted into a parking lot, has emerged from the rubble and is reopening tonight just a bit west of its old location on Tuodong Lu. The newer, much-smaller Camel, now at 4 Tuodong Lu near the intersection with Beijing Lu, will hold an opening party featuring cocktails and shots for 10 yuan.

Camel Bar
4 Tuodong Lu
Tel: 3195841

Purim dance party
Tomorrow (Saturday) night, the Jewish festival of Purim will be celebrated at the Hump, beginning at 9 pm. Jews, non-Jews and everyone in between will be welcome, but all partygoers must arrive in costume and pay a 25 yuan cover charge that includes an all-you-can-drink special on selected drinks. Music will be supplied by DJs Christian and Frank and dancing will be mandatory. L'Chaim!

The Hump Bar
Jinbi Plaza
Tel: 3640359

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