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Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Visa problems PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!

Nah, I have white and Asian friends who are on a ONE year visa, 3 months visa etc.... And these visas were obtained either in SE Asia or in their home country. So, it is not impossible that your GF was given a 3 months visa.
As far as i know, it is not fixed that a person is only granted a 30 day Chinese visa when applied in SE Asia.

The type of visa will depend on what the applicant had applied for as well as the kind of visa the CHINESE EMBASSY is WILLING to grant to the applicant regardless of what the applicant had applied for.
Eg; A friend who is on a one year visa had to leave China quarterly ( another friend half yearly- it all depends on the VISA type) and re-enter the country. This is part of the requirement for the one year visa given. If they do not leave the country, they will be fined and have their visa revoked. THere are some who do not have to leave the country at all during the validity of the VISA.
So you need to find out, whether for the 3 months VISA that was given to her,does it require her to leave the country monthly but she can re-enter again??? every 2 months??? If she is required to do so but did not, then she had violated her visa. HOWEVER, if she is allowed to stay for the whole 3 months without having to leave the country during this period, then she is fine. Probably she had to do some visa run ( leaving the country then coming in again) every month and she is not aware of that.
Best to make sure what is really on the plate!!!
All the best!

Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Visa problems PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!

by the sound of it, i am pretty sure they gave her a 3 months visa. If it is stated on the visa that it is a 3 months visa, i think you needn't pay any fine at all. She is here legally for 3 months, as stated on the visa.
Just stand on that and they shudn't give you any problem.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > China Visa problems PLEASE HELP - URGENT!!!

Nah, you cannot negotiate the fine if you are at fault.
True, nothing they say is solid. I believe that if she has been given a 3 months ( if it is stated on the visa), then you can't be punished for that even if they weren't allowed to give a 3 months visa.
AS i have mention before and I will mention again, there are different kind of visa available, different period of validity. I am 100% sure that there are 1 month visa, 3 months visa, 6 months visa and a 1 year visa.
If your gf has indeed received a 3 months visa, then you should know that it is possible for her to receive such visa.


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I was craving for some Indian food when my friends suggested that we should go to the newly opened Indian restaurant, SARAMATI for lunch. We walked for about 5-10 minutes from the North bus station and finally arrived at the newly opened shopping mall, Jianianhua Shangye Guangchang along Lin Yu road. We went to the fourth floor and as we walked into Saramati Indian restaurant, we were greeted the ever smiling owner, Aku. The decoration of the place is simple yet nice and warm. After looking at the menu, my friends and I ( all of us) decided to try out the Chicken Thali set ( pheewww.... that was a hard decision to make as there were so many nice choices on menu).
About 10 minutes later, the waiter came with a nice big plate of rice, chicken curry,two different vege curry and dhal. As we were eating our hearts away, the waiter brought each of us a naan bread! The naan comes with the meal.

About 20 minutes later, we were all stuffed with delicious Indian food!. After 15 % discount (15 % off for the next two months) the total bill came up to ONLY RMB30 per person!! ONLY RMB 30???!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes!!!
For those of you who have not been there, you are missing out on the most reasonable yet delicious food in town.

Here's the address of the restaurant if you would like to try out the Indian Naga food:

Kunming Saramati Indian Restaurant

Kunming Shi lin yu lu,

288 hao, Jianianhua Shangye Guangchang,

4h Floor A-403
Tel : 13888423874

Buses No 61, K1, 78, 119, 96 and probably a few more stops at Linyu Qiao. Get off the bus and walk straight. You will see these new shopping Complex on your right. Take the lift ( lift is right by the main door) to fourth floor. As you exit, turn right and walk straight. You will see the restaurant on your right.

Good luck!!!!!