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I agree with Megan, Chris. I hope you didn't get paid anything for that sloppy journalistic contribution. The culmination of the festival; the "water-splashing" component was on the Friday, not the Thursday. Furthermore, the whole negative tone of your article is not at all reconciled with the immense fun that I had in over a week in Jinghong. There were thousands of other people there who also had huge smiles on their faces, and there were a lot more activities going on that you failed to mention. I guess everybody who was there and had a blast were just very lucky not to have read your article first and been dissuaded from going!

Damn! I just saw my posting & realised I left 1 superfluous word (in) in the last sentence. I guess this must mean I come from a nation that produces dumber international travellers than from both the USA and Canada.

Pardon me for my scepticism, but isn't this just a publicity stunt for probably the only Bar in Kunming that does not need free advertising? And another thing, why are North American-accented losers exclusively stereotyped as being from the US? Surely there must be more annoying Canadians in out there than just Mike myers & that guy who plays keyboards on the Letterman Show!


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