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There are brand new food courts on the fourth floors of the new shopping complex which used to be the Bird and Flower market on Renmin Lu. There are two, specifically; one north side and one south side i think. They're easy enough to find anyway. There are some really nice places there, some cheap, some not so much. There is Japanese, Thai, western etc. There's also a food court on the top floor of Parkson's mall, which is right on the corner of Renmin Lu and QingNian Lu. Not sure about the quality of the food though.


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Agree entirely with above poster. This is awful, but you just know that it's going to work here because there are enough ignorant, new-money Chinese who will travel from afar just to be able to boast about it to their friends. Very sad development. The Sika will probably go the same way as the Yangtze river dolphin.


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