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Video: Check the Technique by DJ DSK

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This video featuring the song "Check the Technique" plus some familiar and not-so-familiar Kunming scenes was produced by DJ DSK, who has been spinning records in the Spring City and around Asia for the last eight years.

For higher-quality audio and video, "Check the Technique" can also be viewed on YouTube, if you don't mind jumping walls.

Interested listeners can check out DSK's recent mix "Soleheaven" on Soundcloud. DJ DSK will be spinning at Skyhouse Uprock this Saturday night with DJ Groovemiki opening at ten.

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This is really cool. Especially like the line dancing from the park.

Are you really gonna be spinnning at Skyhouse Uprock this friday night? Me and my friends are going to find it,even though we are new here in kunming!:D


Sorry but we have changed Skyhouse party to Saturday night, please let everyone know . Hope to see you there .

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