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Forums > Living in Kunming > middle autumn festival

so it is middle autumn festival today, and i see no threads on this festival, what i would like to know is where i have to go to see the festival being celebrated, i heard something about paperboats on cui hu?.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Clubs in Kunming

you could go to kunedo, fits the descrition but its for all purposes in my view a shithole. the music will be western, hundreds of people, but everyone will stand about and stare at eachother, and people will show of their money, if your lucky you might meet a nice hooker or two.

Forums > Food & Drink > Brick Oven Pizza Insanity!

i just know that if i had now gone outside and sought this wondrous place of wonders, i would never find it. thats a long intro void of specifics bro.

Forums > Living in Kunming > expat population in Kunming

life, is pretty good thing without god in my life, what else can i crave? i have the chance to provide? i can love a woman, i can make my culture grow. i can help other cultures envelop their lifestyle. i am also able to be a champion of equality between people. i will help if i have the chance.

religious people fail to do this. instead of equality it brings turmoil to the world, brainwashed minds which it encourages, and a focus on the next life, WHICH might well not happen! many a religious man would relinquish this life so he can go on into salvation, how is that helping the progress of mankind? thats defeatism based on personal experience.

religions dont help, and its aversion to non believers should be clear. our world has so many problems already, lets make earthly matters the first priority, what makes the next step more precious than this phase? the presence of eternal enlightenment in the next life.. well sounds nice, but if god wants me, let him tell me. not you: asshole. a strong word which has all my atheist backing in it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > about acting work

work is important, if any of the agreements are not meet, expect a shitstorm, thats buissness, and how it should be.

if you take a girl on a date, and expect her to pay for your food, well, that wouldnt work.

as a middlelink between directors and actors you should make sure you know how things stand, and do buisness by protocol, pissing people of will ultimatelly end up in your own termination. if you somehow find yourself in a piece of shit, you somehow ended up there.


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i have to second beni-w on this one, atleast major events like placementmatches in football, filmfestivals, cartoonfestivals, grand openings etc. and when and wheres like where one should go to see the dragonboatraces, if such a thing happens. basically the big things. this would have made this website irreplaceable.



so prague, i like prague, the service is good, food is good, pricing is to high, and the wait is horrendously long, especially if you order pizza, especially when im starving, fuuuuuuuck.

but when i get that pizza, man that makes me cum, that pizza is good mang.