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about acting work

Jasmine620 (10 posts) • 0

1.about price
when a Tv or movie come to shooting,before foreigner come to acting,the price already fixed by producer.some team can be generosty,but actually all film makes team,they always try to force price down.as a agent,if the boss can pay more money,I will be happy.it;s make my work more easier.but it's impossible,they won't pay too much for some guys who unknown,not professional actor.besides compare with Chinese extra,foreign extra is 10-20 times more than Chinese extra.

remember,the money not from agent,it;s from the boss,the company or film make people.

when the price fixed,if one day,some unexpectable things happen,at that day,nothing I can do for the fixed price.after this situation happen,I would go to talk with producer,renegociate with him,if he agree,naxt time we can get a new price,if he didn't agree,just wish naxt film can be better.

2.about time

many foreigner never acting before,so they don't know the shooting work.usually before the acting,the assistant director can tell me a about hours.but it's according the originally script and experience.anythings could happen unexpectable and make the times change,traffic jam,camera broken,director decide add some part at set,someone acting many times still didnt make director satisfy,rain,some other mistake made by crew....all these things,even if a talent agent,a professional actor can't know before the work finish.

foreigner always like ask how long? usually,I ask assistant director,after he told me,I told foreigner.so when the time longer,foreigner blame to me,said I cheat him.some foreigner's mind really so simply.why didn't try to think,I just in the middle,the shooting work not I can control.

the about times,sometime we guess right,sometime not.we never know exactly before finish work.

3.agent situation

actually as a agent,I spend more time than foreigner,before get a Tv movie,commercial,I have to build social network in these entertament company.spend time and money on it.before shooting,casting,talk with many people,make their CV and send to assistant director.in the whole acting process,company with these foreign extra,translate and help them carry some value personal stuff.when the work finish ask the guy at set,assistant director,producer sign,and bring the paper for get money from account,insure we can get money in time,and everyone can get money.

foreigner just worry if he can get money from me.but I have to worry if we can get money form the company.

actually I have these kind of experience before.

last year,a wedding dress show.chen work with me,a guy from the company saw she talk with some photographyer during work time.so the manager said we broken the contract,before he said don't worry,he just cut chen's money,but finally he cut all of us money for that day.it's not my fault,but I still have to acting tough and negociate with the guy.if I just acting weak,we will lost money.

a wood floor commercial,before they want a Russia girl,but after I told her price,she said she don't want do it.I have to respect her view.so I find another Italian girl replace her.because this girl relly look like her,only 10cm different.from 5a.m to naxt day 9a.m I was at set work with the girl,but when the work finish,the guy refuse pay my money.he though the Russia girl didn't come because I play trick.but it;s not.anyway,after so tired work,naxt day,I go to set again ask him pay money,he knock me down!

2006,a Tv come to shooting,the assistant director always bossy me,one day,I can't bear that,said something,he suddenly refuse sign,withou the sign I can't get money,I beg him,fallow with him everywhere at the set,but he insist refuse pay,finally I went to meet the boss.but still he cut 50%money.

the client I can't piss off,they are boss who pay money,the foreigner always complain to me.although some mistake not I make.but they put all fault to me.

I have met an Englishman,Oli,he is very nice guy,he said he can understand my situation,and he always match the shooting work,the assistant director said,if every foreigner can be nice as Oli,he will so happy.before he marry with a Chinese girl,her friends and relative worry about her,because in many Chinese people mind,foreign guy in China is playboy.but after they know Oli,they didn't worry anymore.he is so nice friend I have met.unfortunately,now he move to Thailand.

some foreigner seems so crazy,if he is under 18 years old,I can understand he need grow up.but if over 18,I think he must lack of social and people experience.these foreigner like a foreign friend told me:loser.
a successful and mature man won't insult to someone he not exactly know.and really know the power of treat people nice.

Jasmine620 (10 posts) • 0

by the way,some foreigner seems havent any idea about China and entertainment in China.
have you ever ask yourself,are you professional actor?can you come to set in anytime?will you pick the phone call even if in middle night,and fall in sleep already?can you resolve some complex problem in very short notice?

if someone always complain and insult with other people,and never try to research the truth and look himself shortcoming.he will never get successful in any way.

onlyone (156 posts) • 0


I didn't know you or any of the people you mentioned but i will reply as i worked in the same field before .Producers have there own plan and have been doing the shots hundred of times, 3 hours cant be extended to 16 hours but could be 4 or 5 !.Your commission must be separated from the actors payment to avoid conflict,it must be clear to the producer you will have commission.Good luck

gaoxing (63 posts) • 0

Basically everyone in China is dishonest and they also like to "cut corners." Most of the restaurants in Kunming use cook oil over, and over, and over, and over again.

mehnyaa (52 posts) • 0

@ Jasmine
Am not an artiste.

But thought I should give you some very general binding rules and regulations of verbal agreement/ work ethics. Am not a lawyer by the way.
A few responses to your comments:
1) Yes, price has been agreed prior to working on the actual day. However, if there is any delay or extra hours needed... then there should be some compensation/ overtime work pay. No one works for free... You don't work for free... Actors/actresses doesn't work for free. However, if there is a request for the actors/actresses to work extra hours... even with compensation.. frankly speaking, they can still refuse you as the additional requests did not exist before.If there isn't any compensation, they too can choose to leave immediately and you will still have to provide all expense/mode of transport back for them if you had agreed before to provide them with transport back to KMG . As you had mentioned, all prices has been fixed before shooting which means that shooting hours should be fixed too. If you want them to be more flexible with working hours, then i think it is fair for you to be flexible with wages as well.Yes, foreign actors/ actresses are paid higher than locals... this is called the supply and demand factor. It isn't their fault that they receive more money than locals. You cannot make this comparison. If you think their wages is higher than locals, why not just hire locals?? well, that's because you can't. Foreigners are foreigners, locals are locals...

2) Part time jobs are paid by the hours. So, if there is a demand for extra hours, then it is fair to pay the actors additional money.If you go to the market and buy 1 kg of chicken you are charged at a certain price. If you decide that you need a BIGGER chicken, then you pay more... This can be illustrated through the linear graph. Draw a linear graph and you will get your answers there.

3) You go on and on about your job.
One advice.. If you are complaining so much about it, go and look for a new job. This job do not suit you at all.

I think your last comment about age is irrelevant. A job is a job. An agreement is an agreement. No offence but you do not sound like you are over 18 years old yourself.

mehnyaa (52 posts) • 0

A reflection of your attitude towards your actors for a 3-4 hours of work that stretches to 15-16 hours without any compensation is that you are a BULLY.It is abuse. They can sue you and you can be put in jail.
Good luck!

Dazzer (2807 posts) • 0

So basically what you are saying Jasmine, is that foreigners are a bunch of a55holes and you wished you didn't have to work with them.

AnnAurora (36 posts) • 0

Menhnyaa, you seem to be the most reasonable person on this forum. It's not always up to her to decide if they will give us more money however since she is the one saying how many hours it will be without any reservations it is a contract breach to change it and the contract is no longer valid. So techinaqually you are right :) The thing is though that this kind of job is illigeal since most foreigners don't have working visas. Even if there is a contract breach it's difficult to enforce it since neither party can go to the police. However a contract breach will result in that person getting a bad reputation as we have seen on this forum.

Otherwise, I couldn't agree more with you Mehnyaa :)

tigertiger - moderator (5085 posts) • 0

I disagree that most foreigners don't have a working visa. There are probably more teachers and others here on a work visa than there are students of Chinese and travellers.
Comments like that are unhelpful.

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