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Jim Goodman reminds me of another expat American I ran into, while walking the wrong way around the Jokhang in Lhasa. He took me aside from the crowd and pointed out my ignorance. Later we had a long walk and informative chat. John Vincent Bellezza seems to belong to the same school of slightly eccentric but extraordinarily interesting people as Jim Goodman, who exist outside the rigid world of academia and carry on the tradition of amateur explorers; the world amateur coming from the root of the word for love. It is their love and passion for the subject, which sets them apart.

I wonder if the two are aware of each other.

By coincidence was just listening to this slice of musical history:[...]

Dave van Ronk tune, also covered by Patrick Sky on "Songs that made America famous".

Less controversial these days, Patrick makes uilleann pipes



You don't have to be a trainspotter to enjoy this museum. It is in two parts; the main musuem with a wealth of detail about the Vietnam-Kunming railway and, some way off, a shed with some beautiful ancient locomotives. Well worth 10 yuan