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Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese visa in Kathmandu...?

@Liumingke: I figured, just decided to be unfazable ;-p
@Alien: Thanks, haha... that must have been a very cool trip.
@AlPage48: Thanks for the link, I knew there was one, was just wondering if it's one of those consulate where they make it easy or hard, if anyone knew of an agency that would do it for me, etc.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Chinese visa in Kathmandu...?

Yeah, was working on a ship for a few months, first in South America, then in the Caribbean. But I just can't stay away from Kunming... so I need a visa, haha.


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It does sounds like a veiled ad... I was drawn to the article because it sounded like something interesting could come out of it, like how do people even find kunming, why they want to study Chinese (other than feeling polite and politically correct), what do people do when they are done studying, how do they decide they are done studying, or something.

Instead, it's just... meh.

Euh... just a tiny detail: both articles about the Kenya incident state that it was the (Chinese) tour guide who stabbed the (Chinese) tourists.

Not that I defend Chinese tourists that behave badly, but in this particular article they were not the culprits.

Ignore the grumpy trolls... I liked your article, and I agree with you, Lijiang is beautiful. Next time you go, add to your list Yuhu, the town is tiny but really pretty, and you can walk I ride on the skirts of the jade dragon mountain.



Cozy, easy going bar with good tap beer and yummy things to eat (onion cake and plum crumble are my favorites), close the other places in the hongshan area. A nice alternative, give it a try.
Btw, it is on xuefulu, between la Boulange and Mojito Bar (aka between jianshelu and honshandonglu).