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Forums > Living in Kunming > who really know Ira? slanderer

LORENA - I didn't realized you have a pig size brain!

Yes lovely manners - thank you. I should have been even worse as I don't think such a thing deserve anything while everything he did was trying to bring other people down in arguement.

I never said all the foreigners are bad, did I? I never said all the Chinese are good, did I? Are you fighting your imaginary enemy? Who doesn't know there are bad and good people everywhere!

I didn't take out the frustration on you. I think you take out the frustration on me because some Chinese people treat you like crap - but this is nothing to do with this discussion and nothing to do with me.

Forums > Living in Kunming > who really know Ira? slanderer

Jonny9 - when I said a brain of pig size - I didn't refer it to you.

By the way, pig head is huge but pig brain is tiny comparing to its head size. That's why pig is very stupid like CHINGIS.

Not really want to discuss this thing here so please let it go. My point is our Chinese have spoiled foreigners in China - don't you think this is the subject I should discuss with Chinese instead of foreigners? I didn't expect the recognition from your side. It doesn't really matter you agree or disagree. Like what I said, I wish I PM the girl.

Forums > Living in Kunming > who really know Ira? slanderer

For you, it's not about learning the truth. For you, it is all about the winning the arguement and attacking other people verbally. Can't you find something better to do.

Copy paste comment copy paste comment - is that what you do all day! You freak!


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Why is everyone so sad and panic about the changes? I can understand it is a sad thing - something we are familiar with are disappearing... But, what makes the traditional chinese living way so attractive? The sqat-down toilet, 四合院, drinking water from the well... I don't want to go back to that living style. It had no privacy and it was so inconvenient.

It is more terrifying for me to see a place to look the same after 30 years.

We can't just keep everything the same just to keep some memory alive. We change because we want to. The new look we make now is going to become the memory of the new generation.

I hate the traffic in Kunming caused by the road works but generally I love the changes Kunming has made. It offers more convenience and comfort.



Took one hour for our drinks to arrive - after we finished all the food. Rogan Josh Lamb dish is disappointing. Not going back there again!


I went there today for my favourite whole grain bread as usual but this time is disappointing.

Not that most of the things has gone up including the bread but the quality of the bread doesn't seem to be the same.

I always liked the whole grain bread there. I don't live close by but I was willing to travel a few times a week for the bread. I like the green juicy raisins inside which make a nice and interesting taste.

Well, today's bread has hardly got half of the green raisins as it used to be. It also tastes a bit salty. I wonder if our 4 and 5 stars review here have spoiled our owner a bit!!

The quality should be kept the same especially when the price has gone up.

One thing needs to be praised is the friendly staff. But, as much important as the smile is the quality. I hope today's experience is a one-off thing.


Great pasta and quick service. The salad was too salty though.


Dreadful service and RUDE WAITRESSES last night. Took us 20 minutes just to order the food. Slow and poor service probably was due to the fact it was one of the few places still open before Chinese New Year and the place was a little packed. But still, no excuse. If you can't handle it then you shouldn't be in this business.


Lovely people, great pizza! I like the thin crust Margarita with the topping right to the edge! Delicious! Mwamh