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Forums > Living in Kunming > Cantonese, where to learn?

I could teach Cantonese and Manderin. I speak good English. no cantonese -English study material readly available, but I could make one for you with audio the same time. even though it is said cantonese has 9 pitches, but its not very true. pitches are less a problem compared to manderin.
my number 13354949490. same for wechat. thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Buying MianBaoChe ?

I have a Mianbaoche for sale, 15k rmb, you could use it for a few days to get to know it well, I need to use it during spring festival, availble at the end of Feb. contact John Xie John 13354949490, or email thanks!

Forums > Living in Kunming > Are Ganji and 58 my best bets for finding an apt?

gan ji and 58 are idea online sites for hunting apartment and also other stuff. but you should diffrentiace that half of the threads were posted by agencies. why avoid agency? 'cause they charge a ridiculouse high commssion(on month rent) for just showing the room.


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Great article not only in richnes, but insightful!
stay in the Zhu's family garden is a bit high compared to other hotels around, but still worth it. feel like you can walk back into history, a very unique experience. and, if some one want it, I can get you a price with 30% off.


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