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er, i don't think culture difference is the biggest issure. and what really matters is personality. whether you can do stuff together or share something together, the barrier of making the relationship flow is not difference, as each individual is naturally different. the point is that you can have common understanding about being a real human being.


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i used to meet some migrant workers who enjoys delicate handicrafts work, as this has been a common part of their daily life. we enjoy better life just because of some accidental fortune from resources allocation. let them be lonesome is also to make ourselves lonely.

Interview: Obi

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always be committed to your dream of flying, unveiling the heart of freedom.
really cool:)

i used to visit some poor villages on the ancient tea and horse road, and it's surprising to see that even the poorest family don't escape the faith that offering a cup of tea to guests should be the most improtant ritual. perhaps the people shall by tea keep simplicity and close relationship with the nature. what is life but the expression of moods by the vehicle of tea?

what the city hit me a lot is her so-called foreign street. it's absolutely a small park. why is it called a street?

but the experience of staying in the carriage, overviewing the city is really cool.


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