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Tom69, yes it was really buzzing back in mid 2000,s. A fast demolition of the older Kunming areas transformed the city and the charm and winding old streets turned into high rise and commercial areas.After the 2008 Olympics I noticed it was starting a decline and it was hard to recognize many areas around 2014. Bars in the university area, Wen lin jer?, once packed with partying foreigners were now almost 100% locals. I have hundreds of Kunming photos from 2004 so the memories are still alive.

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Can anybody remember City Cafe 2002-2007?. It was at the base of an apartment block just up from Camellia hotel on Dong fen dong Lu . Almost underneath the pedestrian overpass that is still there. Great food and friendly Chinese people working there. I see the block has been demolished but it was a great part of Kunming history. Did you dine or drink or stay there?

Forums > Food & Drink > Memories of Moondog


I did you an up vote but i see it went minus, don't know why?. Yes the Dutchman was the bar owner at the time with Chinese wife and

son. i think they returned to Holland. you are living out of China now?

Forums > Food & Drink > Memories of Moondog

Moondog was alive during Kunming's foreigner active period 2004-2014.
Fritz and the dutch bar manager were great hosts and it was a cool venue to meet eat and hangout.
The 4-5 years i spent in Kunming were the best years of my life and all of those bars (there were lots of them ! ) made the experience so much more memorable. cheers and all the best to the bar owners, locals and Kunming friends who made it happen !


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