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This flood prevention hotline may be useful if you get stuck in the mud so to speak and need assistance:


Weather forecast seems to point to another night of rain and next morning shower. Hope not, but If the case, those commuting through flood-prone roads tomorrow may want to get updates on road conditions:

Yunnan news portal on Weixin:


Another website that updated Kunming road conditions on a more timely basis. They started reporting at 7:25am this morning:


Okay, this flooding is getting out of hand. Knee-deep in Western Kunming. Flooding reported in the North per usual. Even city-center, the Panlong River is filling up inches from the brim. The decorative LED lights wrapping the river's edge already submerged in the fast flowing, yellow-brownish water. In some sections of Panlong River, water has already overflown lower stairwells where potted flowers are placed. Disturbing sights to say the least.


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