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Forums > Living in Kunming > Christmas hat

Chenggong has a lot of small shops where they are selling accessoires, socks, cups and stuff. Last year I found a hat in one of them.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Q1 Visa - Legal Regulation on Self Employment?

I would recommend you to make a stop at the exit entry administration office in Kunming. Of course you can have some informations and some personal experiences from others. But to be 100% sure, you will have no other choice than ask the officials.

Forums > Study > research in China

So, I thought maybe I can give you an update now, as I there were so many of you who gave me really good advices. I don´t know if you are interested.
I had a really nice contact with the Yunnan normal University, but as I have bad luck all the time, they will not accept visiting scholar, as they had really bad experience last year.
But, I am considering now doing a half-year non degree program at the Yunnan Normal University, trying to find some contacts to Pu'er, but also, trying to get permissions for doing research, trying to do research in Kunming (like comparing the schools of Kunming and Pu'er, or with the countryside). As they will provide me a student visa, I would have half a year handle things in Yunnan, I could go to Pu'er during breaks or for a couple of days (maybe I can make some "official" appointments) and maybe, after the semester I will be able to do fieldwork in Pu'er or have a better option for the visa. But I know, I have to be present in Yunnan now.

This is by far the best option now, it is not perfect or optimal, because still no fieldwork, but I can interact in the University, I can make contacts, I can learn more chinese, I can prepare better and I will just BE there.

I will decide at the end of the week, as I have a really really nice and good contact to the person in charge now.

I guess, it could work like that? I just need to be more active and present and from over here I don´t have any of this.

Forums > Study > research in China

I will wait for my supervisors response. I still don´t know what he is able to do, but I really hope he can help me with that, as he was in China quite often and had a lot of doctoral students went to China and come from China ...

Forums > Study > research in China

I should learn that by heart. And I always tell myself that I shouldn´t have such big hopes. It was just after two months of trying without any success I received her mails with an actual YES and it will not be a problem at all .. yes, maybe I was just too naive thinking now it will actually work and I finally have a plan and can totally focus on how I want to do my fieldwork.


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