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Sorry I should have write that clearly. So my major is sociology and i am doing research about socialization in Chinese junior and middle high schools. Obviously it’s deeper than that, but I want to observe classes, interview teacher and analyze textbooks. It is mostly about the teachers behavior and agency.

And i know that i would need to handle a lot of bureaucratic things, but I still think it’s easier to handle when I am there, as no one is willing to answer my mails.
That’s why I have big problems of getting the visa, so that I can try it directly in China

Forums > Study > research in China

thank you for your answers!
The funny thing is, my german University has a really strong connection to China (mostly to Beijing and Shanghai) but my supervisor didn´t offer me any help, so I already told him that I have problems of getting the right contact. But still no help ...
So I want to do research at the junior and middle high schools, this actually, wouldn´t be the biggest problem, because I already know the schools because I already lived there for one year and worked as an english teacher.
BUT the biggest problem is getting the visa for one year, as china is really strict....
And yes, I also contacted the chinese embassy, still no answer. Really really frustrating.

I also though about working again as an englisch teacher for one year? Last time it was a volunteer job. But maybe there is a company wants to hire a foreigner so that I can do a few classes a week and doing my research. But applying for a working visa may be too complicated for the companies ...

Forums > Study > research in China

Hey everyone,

i am a doctoral student from Germany and during my PhD I want to go to China doing fieldwork at chinese schools. I want to go to Pu'er for one year. As I already tried EVERYTHING to get in contact with universities and institutions I want to ask if anyone has any advices for me? I sent more than 40 e-mails (in chinese). I sent emails to every University in Yunnan, also to Beijing. I contacted Bureaus and Institutions but so far no one ever answered me. I already talkes to the Pu'er University but for this year they have a strict examination system, so I can´t apply as a scholar. As it is obviousely easy to just go to China and ask the people and Bureaus if I can do my research, I still have the problem with the visa. Because I want to go for one year, best would be a scholarship at a University or a directly invitation of the local government (impossible I guess). So does anyone know who I could contact, has maybe contacts or whatever? I want to start this year in October and it´s driving me crazy that for now I really don´t know what else I could do.

Thanks for helping!

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Hey everyone,

i was wondering, if it´s possible to work in Kunming other than english teaching. I already searched a lot in the world wide web, but mostly i find companies in Beijing or Shanghai, but i would rather want to work in Yunnan Province, especially Kunming. I´m studying Sociology right now, so I would want to work as a market researcher, maybe start with an internship. But it´s hard to find companies in Kunming.
If you want to know, i already lived one year in Yunnan Province and I am able to have conversations in Chinese. :) Still learning everyday.

Hope you can help me!


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