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Hi!! I'll be moving to Kunming in a week and I would like to play volleyball as well!!! I am not a very good player but I sure want to learn!

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Hi everyone!! I'll be moving to Kunming on the 14th January and I wanted to know which would be the best vpn option. When I was in Tianjin 2 years ago I used ExpressVPN, but I heard it is not working that good nowadays. Any info about the current situation is welcome, thanks!!


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Best school in Kunming! The teachers are always willing to listen to the students' needs and help them in every sense. They make you feel at home, they have been like a family! The environment is great, many students from all over the world. The extracurricular activities are great too. The group classes are very good to learn Chinese, not too many students and the teachers are always great.