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Forums > Living in Kunming > Other options to 30 day stay extensions?

@micheal2015 Did they ask you to go abroad to change visa type? I'm currently on a spouse visa/RP and will need to change to a work visa later this year but I'm worried they might ask me to leave to get the Z visa from the embassy in my home country.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Travel to Chongqing

Has anyone been to Chongqing recently? I need to go for a day or two however, I've heard from Chinese friends that out of province people need to do a virus test+ some sort of quarantine upon arrival

Forums > Living in Kunming > Spring City Paradise

Average temperatures in April and May in the UK is 12/5° and 14/8°
Rainfall : 59mm and 58mm

Average temperature in kunming in February is 16/4°

Rainfall : under 10mm

Feels spring like to me.

Forums > Travel Yunnan > Rural Teaching jobs

There are several charity and NGO programs that place English teachers in rural schools around Yunnan. Food and board should be covered but you won't recieve a salary beyond some token sum. As others said rural yunnan is a world apart from Chinese cities, life is tough but people are friendly.

I'll post some links later

Forums > Living in Kunming > Average rent for small apartment?

I've recently been apartment hunting. A 1 bedroom (not studio) inside the second ring road averages from 1900 in a new high rise to 1400 in an older building with no elevator. Prices obviously vary according to location, whether it is facing south and condition.

It's possible to find a place for less of you're willing to rent a ground floor unrenovated olderplace with limited public transport that's facing North.


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Getting away: Mile

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Don't worry, it's not visible while you're riding an inflatable crustacean in a human sized hotpot and can be easily avoided. ;)

Getting away: Mile

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You guys forgot to mention the eponymous Mile Buddha! There's a big statue / temple complex up a hill about 15 minutes out of town.


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