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Spring City Paradise

duke is me (26 posts) • 0

I recently had to replace my electric space heater, which was firing away since early November.
My new one will hopefully last the Season. Does anybody know how many heaters are required to survive here every year, and what is the meaning of Spring City? Thank you,

AlPage48 (1220 posts) • +1

I have space heaters that I've been using since 2010. Still working fine. I usually keep them on a thermostat.

How many you need depends on how much space you want to heat.

I've taken to comparing weather here to spring back in Canada.

Winter here is like Canada's "early spring", while summer is more like "late spring".

duke is me (26 posts) • 0

So you need heaters all the year round in Canada, with no summer?

This KM Spring City is a mystery. if it is Spring, then a heater is not required? But no, my heater fires its little heart out for 15 weeks..

Liumingke1234 (3297 posts) • 0

Spring City is just a name to attract tourism.

It usually gets cold from late December until about late February. The winters are not as consistently cold as in other places like Beijing but you definitely need a heater some days mostly because all condos or apartment have no insulation.

duke is me (26 posts) • 0

In my cold dark cave of an apartment, heat has been required since early November.
I was more worried about air-con here in "Spring City", but no, wrong once again in this life
Well, Stranger in a Strange Land, as Leon Russell is howling at me..

The_Dude (15 posts) • +1

Average temperatures in April and May in the UK is 12/5° and 14/8°
Rainfall : 59mm and 58mm

Average temperature in kunming in February is 16/4°

Rainfall : under 10mm

Feels spring like to me.

JanJal (1068 posts) • +1

Chinese caught up with clothing and energy (in different forms) heating their cold bones long before the opposite - that of cooling their asses in the summer.

Therefore in Chinese context, the "spring" in Kunming as a spring city means less than intolerable heat in the hottest months of the year.

duke is me (26 posts) • 0

Do people in the UK really have to feed a meter with coins for heat?
There must be a lot of coins in circulation?
Well, off to the market, dressed like a snot-nosed Eskimo with a face mask.
I am going to steal your carpet, btw

JanJal (1068 posts) • 0

Damnit, we had the carpet taken away for cleaning while the baby was drooling all over the place. Just when he's grown out of it, some thug comes and steals it :(

Just so you know, we couldn't do it in the bedroom with kid sleeping there.

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