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Other options to 30 day stay extensions?

AlexKMG (2361 posts) • 0

I can only get the 30 day extensions from the PSB at a cost of 940 rmb per, and I have to submit a copy of no flights out.

I am a USA national with 10 year china mutli entry visa, but it's L category, so tourist class.

Anyone know of other options or cheaper options or longer options to get permits or extensions to stay in China?

I asked the PSB, and they said 30 days was max for my situation, and said I should go find a company to work for or get married to a local as options to stay in China longer.

Does this 160rmb stay permit from this article exist?

"13). The usual cost for a stay permit is RMB 160, but you do not have to pay until you pick it up."


I am assuming there is still very little chance of re-entering China if I leave, otherwise, I would do what I use to do and go to Hekou and cross into Vietnam and just re-enter.

AlPage48 (1293 posts) • 0

I'm in the same situation, as others are.

Your original 10 year visa will now have a red "cancelled" stamp across it.

I still had 5 years remaining on my Q2 visa.
Until I can both get out and get back (with a new visa) this will continue.

michael2015 (732 posts) • 0

I recently converted my annual work visa to a 2-year family visa (cuz my passport expires in 2 years) - basically with no problems - the usual family visa paperwork plus the health check booklet.

Regrettably, that doesn't really help Alex as he's apparently NOT married to a Chinese citizen.

The_Dude (15 posts) • 0

@micheal2015 Did they ask you to go abroad to change visa type? I'm currently on a spouse visa/RP and will need to change to a work visa later this year but I'm worried they might ask me to leave to get the Z visa from the embassy in my home country.

jj123 (94 posts) • 0

@the dude,

We spoke with the "visa officer" at the PSB recently re: switching from spousal to work.

They said at this moment, no need for the z visa, they will switch directly so therefore no need to leave, this is temporary during the pandemic.

Dali and Lijiang know nothing of this. We were going to double check, but have not as of yet.

You could try calling the KM PSB to double check.

This was the info from last week.

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