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Forums > Living in Kunming > Do you want to know who are blacklisted in KM?

There arent regulated means to find schools, companies, bosses, teachers and/or employees who demonstrate unethical behavior, poor work ethics, fraud or something more serious.

If youre seeking a job or hiring, this space serves to blacklist those with proven offenses.

It helps everyone in KM make more informed decisions about their work environment.

Not sure if your potential boss is legit?

Think your employee has a history of lying?

Know anyone who does?

Let me know if you'd like to be added to the group and be informed in this growing community. Let me know you found me here and I'll add you to "Blacklisted in Kunming"

Wechat: Chris7148583943

Forums > Living in Kunming > gym with english speaking trainer

My husband is a professional fitness instructor from Brazil and he has credentials and photos to prove it.

He speaks English and lives in the north.

I cant say he's cheap but he has extensive knowledge on nutrition, kinesiology and form.

If youre interested, his wechat contact is renatords7.

We agree gym practices here are quite new and many instructors here are novices themselves.

Forums > Food & Drink > Subway Sandwich Shop

Oh, it's very much there and almost as good as the ones in the US. It's in the food court on level B1 near the Toni & Guy salon. Cheaper than the US too. 40 RMB for a foot long meal. But expect a wait time of 30-45 minutes of mostly non-chinese people missing decent sandwiches standing in front of you. Still....totally worth it.

Forums > Living in Kunming > Salsa, merengue, bachata or cumbia... in Kunming?

I just moved to Kunming a couple months ago and pretty much gave up on the idea that Latin dance would be a thing here. I've accepted it. I'm from L.A. and have taught salsa (on one), bachata, cumbia and merengue back home since it's a big thing there. Dancing is a big deal for me. If anyone is interested in starting a group, I can take part in reviving it out here. Or if anyone knows of a place that does it with a good vibe, it will help me survive out here much longer :). It doesn't have to be lessons. It can be any place with a floor and some good music.


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This place made me cry. The animals look distressed, poorly fed, in confined dirty conditions and neglected. It's also overrun with screaming children and cameras going off pestering the animals. I felt incredibly sorry for the animals and the inhumane conditions they must endure for inconsiderate people who dont give a damn about beautiful, endangered species. Disgusting.


I was pretty excited about this place from all the reviews and ads. But the food was mediocre. Decent but not much flavor. The real problem was the management and service. Our pizza and lasagna took forever and it was cold by the time it came out, a solid 45 minutes of waiting for bland food. Perhaps they're still working on improving their micromanagement skills and I hooe it does but I felt they should have compensated us in some way for the poor quality of service. Maybe it isn't so bad as a general standard out here but this would get you fired for sure if you worked in the US. I'm just trying to save someone the trouble if they're as excited to try this place as I was.